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Chapter III
Those who slept a deep sleep without any care
for the affairs of life, they were left by their companions
in that position".
At present we are under the Imperialism of Punjabis. Their vested interests were created by the Muslim bureaucracy of India, which, with the support of the Britishers and in the guise of religion and by treachery of selfish Sindhis and by tile absence of political consciousness among the Sindhi m asses and by cowardice and by the ignorance of Zamindars, Pirs, lacs of outsiders, have come to colonize Sindh and exploit our resources. So, as I have looked at this question in its entirely, and have come to the conclusion:

This occupation of Sindh by outsiders is equivalent to the ancient Arian occupation, which in its overwhelming numbers had driven out the Dravadian and occupied Sindh. The present usurpers have adopted the new methods, not different from the previous one. In the days of the Dravadian, the international consciousness was not in existence. Therefore, any powerful tribe or nation could simply occupy a foreign country and remove the original inhabitants. But these new Imperialists have utilized the following new methods for the exploitation of Sindhis, knowing the interests of the Sindhis in the name of religion and the ignorance of the common man. So they have justified this Imperialism in the name of Islam against all the recognized and accepted principles of nationhood of every country of the world.

  1. By the acceptance of this hypothetical theory, people living in Sindh for thousand years and speaking a different language, with their own cultural traditions, economic and political interests have been deliberately denied their existence of separate nationhood.
  2. The Islamic code having been recognized as the best law of life, the attention of the world has been diverted from the actual conditions of the Sindhi's life and they have been misled by this theory entirely based on political expediency, to accept the slavery of new masters.
  3. The Sindhi Waderas, Pirs, Mullahs and a section of educated people have been coerced or persuaded by various types of propaganda, to be utilized as their agents so as to accept the foreigners' exploitation of the resources of Sindh. A lion kills cattle; jackals are consoled with the portions of some crumbs, which are left from the dining table for those local agents.
  4. The Government machinery of the radio, television, newspapers and books are used and published in the name of Islam and Pakistan. The purpose is exploitation, which is hidden.

  5. For the last seventy years the modern world is witnessing and partly experiencing an entirely different social thought from tile religions hierarchy. This new ideology is bed rocked on the economics of materialism, known as socialism. This has influenced a large portion of the world population and some twenty or so big and small countries, including several Muslim countries, namely Afghanistan, Albania, Mongolia, Uzbekistan Kirghis Republic, Turkumanistan and Bokhara, have adopted this form of economic way of life.
    This ideology promises to give economic equality and social justice to all the poor, hard-working people of the world, by making all the means of production become the property of the common people of each country. That is, the wealth, which is produced from land, factories, forests, minerals and from the oceans, are now in the hands of a few rich capitalists, while 90 % percent of the world's working people suffer economic hardships and social injustices, and a few rich live in comfort and rule the world. This new ideology will make the common people the masters of the means of production and all wealth will be used for the economic needs and social well being of tile common people of each country. This concept in our original Islamic ideology was called "MASAWAT", which gave social justice to all. But later, it was not put into practice when the Arabs began conquests of foreign countries for Arab Imperialism.
    However, in our times, just as in the past, though religion proclaimed unity of mankind. Till after some time groups were formed with vested interests for material benefit and religion degenerated into factionalism and a greed for material gains, so we find too. That this new ideology of Socialism is being divided by adopting such nomenclatures as "Christian Socialism", Islamic Socialism and Chinese Communism, which are obviously all wrong interpretations as socialism is universal and it cannot be nationalized. In our country, before solving the question of nationhood, it will be misleading to introduce the idea of socialism in this way; the outsiders will further exploit the Sindhis.
  6. The people of Sindh are misguided in the name of unity of Islamic countries and propagation of Islam, creation of Kingdom of Heaven, etc.
  7. In the present days the democratic system of Government is popular. We have to be careful from being beguiled in tile name of democracy. First we have to clear about the following questions:
That democracy means the rule of the majority; this must be applied in every aspect of economic and social life; this also means that we are morally bound to give equal social rights and economic opportunities to our women-folk. Now let us understand what majority means:

The Muslims, Pakistanis or Punjabis or Muslims of the world or rich people or poor people, politically conscious people or illiterate people. Then it is also to be decided that majority of parties or me groups should be considered as a deciding factor. When the decision of many questions depends upon tile political and economic and religious ideologies, therefore this has been discussed at length in the second chapter.

  1. Here we want to say with clarity that all the persons who have come from outside are to be considered imperialists and exploiters. If they are imperialists, what amount of damage will be done to Sindhi interests?
  2. Are we to leave them free so as to exploit Sindh or we should trust them as imperialists and drive them out?
In the Government of Pakistan, imperialist states of Punjabis sponsored by Muhajirs are not. To understand this question properly, it will be necessary to explain Sindhi Nationality and Imperialist Government.

Sindhi Nation and its national Government: Before discussing the question of national Government it would be proper to analyze what is a nation.

Earlier I have spoken on this subject in my various hooks But I am afraid my books did not get a wider reader-ship, because the new ruling group had banned my books, therefore some of my books have been proscribed and have not been published. At present the definition of nationalism recognized and accepted by the United Nations is known as a group of people, who have a territorial country. Secondly that by cohesive and identical way of life evolved a common language, which has made their socio-cultural and historical traditions, and by remaining at particular area, thereby they have created their particular ethnic policy and socio-economic interests.

So the Sindhis have to be recognized as a separate nation for these reasons:

  1. i) Sindh has remains a separate geographical land with this name for centuries.
  2. The residents of this land, in spite of coming from separate countries and nations continued to remain ill this country and developed a common language, historical literature, in which have merged and welded the Sindhi language; and
  3. Therefore for thousands of years, by remaining together and mixing with new comers, have created common traditions and character, which has become their national "ASSET", a mark of their separate identification as SINDHIS, and so its protection and progress is their duty, as this is their national pride.
They have their political and economic interests quite distinct and separate from those persons who come to Sindh from outside only for the exploitation of our resources.

After reading these explanations, it will be abundantly clear that for centuries Sindhis have been a separate nation. So they can establish their own government and also can overthrow outside dominance, as they had thrown out the foreign yoke in the past and had got independence. What is an Imperialist Government? When outsiders, whether Kings, nations or powers, conquer by any means, establish their own governments in another country and exploit their natural resources for their economic benefit, they are called imperialists. History has given some instances of such imperial powers, such as the Persian Empire, Greek Empire, Roman Empire, Arab Empire, Mughal Empire, etc.

Now the question arises, whether the present Punjab domination also comes in the category of Empire or not. I, on the basis of the following reasons, consider the present Punjabi vested interests as an imperialist domination.

  1. The outsiders, who had come and forcibly occupied Sindh and established their government and strategic exploiting the agricultural land, trade, banking services and other means of production.
  2. This alien ruling coterie, against the accepted rules of nationhood, refused to recognize Sindhis as a separate nation and started working against Sindhi culture and language and their own national traditions. It has been trying to merge Sindhis into their own Punjabi culture and traditions. The Sindhis will never accept it. The Mughal monarch, Aurangzeb, with his huge army, spent 20 years to subdue and crush the free state of Bijapur, Golkanda and Ahmed Nagar of the Deccan, but was beaten by the Marathas and afterwards he died.
  3. The Punjabi rulers have refused to recognize the separate geographical entity of Sindh, having its own history of thousand years behind it and are trying to absorb the whole country under the new but catch-name of Pakistan, and are thrusting upon the Sindhis a foreign language and culture, making them forget their historical traditions and reducing them to a position of minority.
  4. That the imperialists, with a mixture of Punjabis and some Upians (people from Delhi and U.P.) started dominating the people of Sindh, Baluchistan, Pakhtoonistan and Bengal. The Bengal, after having had a bitter experience, has freed itself from the clutches of Punjabis. And now there are clear signs that, by master eating their previous partner i.e. the Indian Muslims (by killing Liaquat Ah Khan) and slowly depriving them either of the resources or services that the Muhajirs are also getting away from the Punjabis. The common Indian Muslims who are called "Muhajirs" are realizing that they cannot go back to India or throw out the dominance of Punjabis. They are therefore desirous of making a common cause with the Sindhi people.
The Muhajirs, after having been extremely exploited, are now realizing their mistake that for decades they have been exploited in the name of religion.

Many of these Muhajirs were not driven out from India, but under a plan have migrated to this side. The meaning of "Muhajir" is voluntary migrating from one's own country and residing in another as a refugee. But if you call them by that name, they will be displeased. Lacs of them have migrated from their homeland and have left their properties and settled in Sindh, for the past forty years. They gradually realized that they ought to attach themselves to the soil and be sincere to it, and live, mix and die along with the local people, and like the locals consider the outsider Punjabis as imperialist exploiters.

The second group of the Punjabis who are now in possession of four countries namely Pakhtoonistan, Sindhu Desh, Baluchistan and of the Siraiki speaking people, are in possession of this new country under the new name of Pakistan. The total area of this country is about four lakhs square miles. Its population is of eight crores and fifty lacs. Out of which Punjabis have got an area of fifty-nine thousand square miles for various reasons. Their population has increased to five crores. The remaining three states spreading over three lakhs square miles, have a population of three crores and fifty lacs. The adjoining areas have sufficient resources for keeping the prosperous standard of their people. But the Punjabis have only agricultural land to depend upon. During the British rule, by serving as mercenary soldiers at Rs. 13 annas 8 per month, conquered other countries and so earned much money.[1]

Now they have started to exploit the resources, services, agriculture, trade, industries and mines of adjoining countries i.e. Sindhu Desh, Pakhtoonistan and Baluchistan.

In the beginning, they utilized the services of Jinnah and Liaquat Mi. In those days, on account of the overall majority of Bengalis and leadership of Jinnah and Liaquat Ali, they remained dormant. But after the demise of Muhammad Ali Jinnah and the killing of Liaquat Ali and driving away Bengalis, they have, on the strength of military brute force and with the support of capitalist countries, started exploiting three other nations namely Sindhis, Baluchis and Pakhtoons. They started changing the governments, according to their own requirements, in Pakistan. In Sindh, there is more agricultural land and so are ~e facilities to open new industries arid several barrages and mines. So they decided to colonize Sindh and utilize it as their colony. Now the question arises as to how the newcomers from Bharat and Punjabis joined together to exploit Sindhi resources? After experience, I have come to the conclusion that both the parties, for various reasons, were to go over to new countries, where they could have facilities for agricultural land, trade, industries, services and the other facilities for colonizing them. For this purpose, the Muslims were a separate nation. Ideology was a common base for both of them. In U.P., the Urdu language was prevalent during the days of the Britishers. The Punjabi language could not progress. Therefore the Britishers decided to introduce Urdu in Punjab. During the earlier days of the Britishers, Sikhs ruled over Punjab. In order to lessen the influence of the Sikhs, Urdu was encouraged in Punjab, where most of the Urdu-speaking Muslim officials were appointed by tile British. Punjabis for fear of displeasing the Britishers, and enmity with the Sikhs and being in the services of the Britishers, developed inferiority complex and so -forgot their separate nationhood and their language.

As already stated, the Muhajirs who were already in search of a new country, therefore decided to migrate to Sindh. Punjabis who were in a great number, therefore the Britishers during the opening of Jamrao already occupied Punjab land and Nara canals, brought some Punjabis from Punjab for colonization of Sindh. By and by police services, contracts for construction for roads and buildings and labor during the last days of the Britishers, came into their hold too. But due to opening of new barrages and Punjabi officers being in charge of land distribution, they came in large numbers to Sindh. New lands and the scarcity of experienced farmers persuaded them to colonize Sindh.

The selfishness of Sindhi Jagirdars, Pirs, Zamindars and their spendthrift tendencies, together with the Sindhi Haris having no tenancy rights, persuaded them to come to Sindh. These were the few common causes of their unity. From the outset, Sir Syed Ahmed Khan mentioned the Muslims as a separate community. Several Punjabi students, who were educated at Aligarh University, also came under the influence of the definition. Things developed in such a way that in 1930, Allama Iqbal started a new slogan of Muslims being a separate nation in his address of Allahabad Session of the Muslim League. So the Punjabis and Indian Muslims imbibed this idea. Therefore, they united for the purpose of colonizing and exploiting the new country -Sindh.

Now-days, if we find misunderstandings between the Indian hew-comers and Punjabis, it is due to the selfishness of the Punjabis to usurp all the resource of Sindh. The Indian Muslims have realized this. Now let us see, that due to colonization, how the smaller countries like Sindh, Pakhtoonistan and Baluchistan, would be effected. And if Pakistan continues to remain for a long time, what will be the condition of these countries?

I feel that the interests of the smaller units will be grossly affected in the following ways:

  1. First of all the Punjabis will refuse to recognize the existence of separate nationhood in the name of Muslim nation and stop the smaller units to have separate governments of their own. The Sindhis will be given the status of a minority.
  2. Upon the past 5,000 years of our ancient civilization, language, historical traditions and Sindhi character, the language and culture of the neighboring nations will be thrust. In this way we will be debarred from our own natural language which is the treasure of our literature and the custodian of our culture and historical traditions.
  3. The exploiters, in the name of common religion, will control all central governments and give it the power to tax Sindh, which actually comes to 80 per cent of the total taxation of the General Budget, out of which hardly 5 per cent will be spent on Sindh.
  4. In Sindh, majorities of the industries have been set up, as the facilities were available here and for their working the overall majority of outside funds and labor will be utilized; but Sindh will get nothing.
  5. All the banks in Sindh, including the State Bank, will be put under the custody of outsiders and will be utilized for their benefit.
  6. By establishing the Central Government and entrusting it with various subjects and departments, most of the services have gone into the hands of the outsiders. Sindhis hardly got two to three per cent.
  7. In Sindh, so far the policy adopted by the so-called Pakistan or to give it the proper name, Punjabi Government. Sindh's 60 lakhs acres of agricultural land has gone into the hands of the Punjabis, and if things continue in this manner, we do not know what will happen to the old and the new Sindhis. At present, about six hundred crores go out to Punjabis from agriculture alone. The major portion of which goes away to Punjab every year.
  8. At present Sindh's industries and workshops are mostly manned by the non-Sindhis The workers every year remit about 500 crores of rupees outside Sindh. This means the flight of capital from Sindh.
  9. Sindh being a coastal country, it is in possession of great facilities of foreign and local wholesale trade. They are in a position to earn one thousand crores of rupees every year. But the Central Government being in the hands of Punjabis, the figures are so manipulated by increasing and decreasing the prices and rates of the productive goods, that Sindhis are practically debarred to the extent of one thousand crores of rupees every year.
  10. Every year crores of rupees are obtained, mostly from taxes in Sindh. This money is spent on radio, television and notices to newspapers and for publishing such literature, which prepares people to be the slaves of the Punjabis
  11. In bigger towns and cities, large amounts of taxes, obtained from Sindh, are spent over the colonization of outsiders, where lots of facilities are given to them, and where only 40 per cent of Sindhis continue to remain in scattered huts and to lead a semi-nomadic life.
  12. In order to change the Sindhi environment, in such a manner, that all traces of our historical traditions and cultural signs be forgotten, and the people eventually forget their past, the names of many roads, colleges, markets, quarters, stations, hospitals and buildings have been named after outsiders or such persons who did great harm to the interest of Sindh.
  13. Sindhi Pirs, Zamindars, Mullahs, politicians and officials are persuaded or coerced and are frightened. To serve the agents of imperialism, these time-servers, selfish, conscienceless people are converted into a class, which has been created to carry on as agents to serve the new masters.
  14. The very name of "Sindhu Desh" and of Sindhis being a separate nation has been declared a crime. It is on this account that I have been kept in jail and detention for the last 25 years. For this very reason, even new many national workers are being terrorized and tyrannized.
  15. No country in the whole world is prepared to allow outsiders to come and colonize its land because by pressure of population, its standard of living will go down and unemployment will increase and all the outsiders who earn from their occupations, much of money will be divided among the newcomers and the original inhabitants will get less than they should.
  16. At present, existing are such industries or corporations, some of which are in the hands of the local government. But if things continue in this way, I am afraid the Central Government will run it for the benefit of Punjabis.
  17. At present nothing is being done for the improvement of the Sindhi language, whereas one crore of rupees is being given as a grant towards the improvement of Sindhi language in India. Sindh had appointed the "SINDHI ADABI BOARD", which has been purposely kept under the control of Punjabi agents, on account of which many schemes such as Sindh's history, dictionary, Sindh heritage and publishing old classical books have been shelved.
  18. The so-called nominal Sindh Government, which is manned by non-Sindhi officials, having been placed in a key position, the Governor, Chief Secretary, I.G. Police and various other Secretaries and Directors, that orders of their Punjabi masters are being carried out, as Sindh Government has become an agent for carrying out the orders of its masters. The so-called custodian of Islam carried out the policy, by organizing such a conspiracy, by which majority of the Hindus were driven out from Sindh and some outsiders were brought into Sindh in a manner that in Sindh's population of outsiders increased to such an extent that they nearly became 50 per cent.
  19. Income of about four thousand crores of rupees per annum is coming into the hands of non-Sindhis who are either sending the money to Punjab or outside the country, for purchasing landed properties or for keeping their surplus money in foreign banks.
I am not afraid of the original Sindhis turning into a minority, or of selfish Pirs, Mullahs, Zamindars and' the officer class becoming the agents of outsiders, because I consider them the chief cause of our slavery, as they are not conscious of our past glory, or do not care as to what will be their condition in future, when in their place, new healthy and more able persons will come. Even the present condition of most of the vested interests of the original Sindhis has gone against their traditions and teachings of their ancestors, and many of them have lost their character, and do not care for right and wrong, and the earned glory of the ancestors is being sold for their personal benefits. I do not care for the Mullahs, their faith and character. Their religious knowledge is next to nothing. A majority of them are subsisting themselves on the loaves and fishes thrown before them by their master. They are the ones who on religious issues create differences. For whom the last Prophet's religion was based on long beards and certain customs. They had not under-stood the essence of Islam, which is love of humanity and good of the people. This has not been their real concern. As for Zamindars, big men and if the Pirs are annihilated and thrown out from their land. I would not care, because I know that many of them are luxurious, characterless, time-servers and take pride in the slavery of outsider.

But, I do care to fight for the historical past of Sindh, its culture, peace and love of the humanity, which needs unity behind all the diversity. I care for a thousand years tile national existence of our rich language and through it, our literature and international mission of peace and goodwill for humanity. I care for all those things which were pointed out by Mr. Mohammed Amin Khoso in his letter, contents of which are given as under:

  1. "Shah Latif, Sachal Sarmast and there are many other Shrines, Sindh 'S ancient civilization and religious beliefs, rests on love, peace and progress of the human being. You, G.M. Syed, have been accorded the mission of propagandizing the above interpretation of Islam, protecting the historical tradition and culture and advocating the mission, seeing unity amidst diversity.
  2. As to non-Sindhi vested interests, "Mr. Jinnah was the custodian of non-Sindhi vested interests. He was the preacher of hatred in Sindh. His existence was like the thorn of a porcupine and about whom it is said that he is a symbol of dis-unity, discord and a creator of enemies and hatred among human beings. He was rioting a true Muslim. His teachings can be thrown into the sea. In this way alone Sindh can be saved from this destruction
  3. "To depend entirely upon the original support of the Sindhis is a wrong idea. The majority of their upper class is a traitor and prides itself on being agent of outside imperialists. They are themselves exploiters for their vested interests. Therefore, you have to fix certain principles for your workers, who should help you to free Sindh and propagate the mission of peace and love throughout the world. It is possible that from amongst the newcomers from India, many of them may leave their vested interests and work with you to liberate Sindh for the above-mentioned purpose. At present, they may not be ready, but I am of the opinion that there will be many who will prefer to serve the country, in which they have migrated and will mix with the Sindhis and work with you for the historical mission of Sindh for peace, prosperity and unity, as many of them come from the land of Sufis and have imbibed the spirit of love and goodwill. You have to select the right minded and intelligent young persons for this new mission".
I started on the following principles to serve as a beacon light for my mission:
  1. Sindhis are a separate nation and Sindhu Desh a separate land. Therefore Sindh's freedom and progress should be the first item of their mission.
  2. The establishment of Pakistan is equivalent to Sindhu Desh's interests being sacrificed for the interests of the vested interests of Punjabis, which is against the existence of Sindhu Desh and its historical traditions, culture, language, love, unity and goodwill of human beings. Therefore the creation of Sindhu Desh is a must, like that of Bangla Desh.
  3. Politics mixed with religion is harmful for the freedom and interest of Sindh. So these two must be separated.
  4. Selfish outsiders devoid of right political consciousness must leave Sindh. We have to find out sincere workers to work for the progress and prosperity of Sindh.
  5. The national language of Sindh will be Sindhi, which can intermingle with Urdu. Ultimately our object must be that all persons residing in Sindh will have the same language, same culture and same ideas.
On account of an organized plan against them, Sindhis have become victims of following drawbacks: How these drawbacks have been created in us. I will throw light on it:


From the beginning, on account of constant propaganda, it has been impressed upon Sindhis that the Arabs, the Iranians, the Indians and the people who come from Punjab are more civilized and united and powerful. They are learned, fighters and powerful. They are better Muslims than Sindhis, whereas Sindhis are divided, coward and few in number, illiterate, therefore they cannot compete with outsiders. So, it would be safe to accept their (Punjabis) mastery, their language, their belief and culture and mix with them and remain under their subordination. If this is not done, the interests of Islam and of Pakistan will be damaged. If we start fighting or opposing them, outsiders will finish them. They have a common saying among them, "What you cannot cure you must endure". Therefore Sindhis have to adapt themselves to the degraded condition. But all this is being done in the good name of Islam and Pakistan. With such a wrong interpretation, they are misled and forget their national pride and their brilliant past. Those who are nationalists think of the future freedom of Sindh or their mission of love, peace and prosperity of mankind. But they are considered as the enemy of Islam, creators of division among the Muslims and having parochial tendencies, traitors of Pakistan, agents of foreign powers, infidels and materialists. And on the other hand, they are also punished for their love of their nation. For instance Raja Dahir is respected as a nationalist, as a hero of Sindh, but the imperialists call Raja Dahir as an infidel. But Raja Dahir was a great man. My thesis is as follows:

  1. When he came to know that Yazid was harassing Imam Hussain, the grandson of Prophet Mohammed, Raja Dahir invited him to come and settle in Sindh under his protection. It is said that the Imam had started coming towards Sindh and Yazid knew that he had started, along with the members of his family. You can understand from this intention why a non-Muslim invited Imam Sahib, and on the other hand the so-called Muslim ruler, Yazid, killed him. You can imagine the greatness of this Hindu ruler.
  2. After the martyrdom of Imam Hussain, one of his followers, on account of the tyranny of Hijaj-bin-Yousif, came to Sindh. Raja Dahir gave him protection. Hijaj demanded from Raja Dahir to give back Muhammad-Bin-Alafi and his people to the Arabs. This, Raja Dahir refused to return. It is said that he sent Muhammad-Bin-Alafi, after the defeat of Raja Dahir, to Allahabad side from where some of his descendants recently migrated to Sindh.
  1. Muhammad-Bin-Alafi along with his tribes joined Raja Dahir's army and on several occasions succeeded in showing the bravery, on which Raja Dahir wanted to reward him. He refused to accept such a reward, saying that giving protection under his rule was a sufficient reward for him, on that Raja Dahir ordered to commemorate the memory of that success, the name of Muhammad-Bin-Alafi be engraved on other side of the coin and then the coin be minted.
  2. During Raja Dahir's days, his toleration was so much that he allowed Stupas of Buddha to continue in Sindh, where the Bikhshoos of Buddha continued to remain. On the other side, the Hindu temples were allowed for the worship of Hindus, and also Janis temples were allowed to remain in Sindh and those Muslims who had migrated to Sindh during his days were allowed to construct mosques. Parsis too had their fire temples during his days. Most of the followers of these religions had patronage of the Government. If you read history, you will find that Muhammad-Bin-Qasim, the so-called captain, on conquering the country, looted crores of rupees from Sindh and thousands of men and women were made slaves for the benefit of Arab soldiers or those slave girls were sold in Arab bazaars. He ordered all the persons who did not surrender to the new invaders, to be killed and their property looted. Look at the same peoples of Sindh, who on the misleading of Arabs, now consider Muhammad-Bin-Qasim the champion of Islam. People celebrated his days but the person who sacrificed his life for his country and had many qualities, is called a Kafir. Many false stories are fabricated to malign Raja Dahir.
Islam is considered the religion of peace and goodwill. It had come to the world for bringing justice and fair play to the Qura’an, it discarded violence. If Islam was a religion for the blessing of the world and the Prophet of Islam had also said that difference of opinion was legitimate and right, and according to Islam, to every country in every age, God had sent Prophets for the guidance of the people. Then it was incumbent upon the Muslims to follow their books and believe in their truthfulness as Muslims. It is said in the Qura’an that anybody without distinction of religion, if he believes in the existence of God, belief in life after death and does good things, he was a Muslim and entitled to salvation. Under these clear injunctions, Raja Dahir, he had respect for all the religions and did not make people slave forcibly and was a symbol of toleration, could not be considered a Kafir (infidel). And those persons who killed the Prophet's own beloved grandson, those who made men and women slaves forcibly and sold them in the bazaars, and who destroyed the sacred places of worship of other religions and looted these, how could such a person be called true custodian of Islam? These things are interpreted in the last, and complete, religion as true, it is only for persons with a sense of social ethics also who have eyes to see.

Everybody who knows history that Muhammad-Bin-Qasim was a servant of the Bani-Ummaiya rulers, who had done many things against the Prophet Mohammed (peace be upon him and his progeny) and desecrated "Ka’aba", and the holy stone was smashed into four pieces. After killing Abdullah Bin Zubair within the Ka’aba and hung his dead body on the gate of Ka’aba. Hijaj Bin Yousuf, were person who had killed on Friday within the "KOOFA MOSQUE... thousands including several Hafiz of Qura’an (Reciters of Qura’an) and companions of the Prophet and some pious Muslims. The same Muhammad-Bin-Qasim had made slaves 30,000 men and girls of Sindh and sold them in Arabia, and looted over 40,000,000.00 (Rupees Forty Crores) and sent to Arabia and is said to have committed rape on Raja Dahir's two daughters. Can such a person be called a Muslim Mujahid (crusader)? Can libraries, colleges, roads and ports be named after him? Can such a man give a good name to Islam? The so-called custodians of Islam (Punjabis) and their Sindhi and non-Sindhi followers, who foster such an Islam, consider Muhammad-Bin Qasim the conqueror of Sindh and a hero of Muslims. If this is the criteria for a hero of the Muslims, then of course these pseudo-Muslims of the Punjabi ruling clique can think and do whatever they like beneath the banner of Islam and Islamisation as in the past, Arab Imperialist servants like Muhammad-Bin-Qasim and others had been doing.

The following instances will provide further material for the thinker's forum:

  1. Those, who say Raja Dahir was not a hero of Sindh, then what is their answer to recent celebration of the 2500 years old Emperor Cyrus of Persia, celebrated in Iran and where for one week many Muslims from all over the world, including the President of Pakistan, took part and Radio Pakistan was singing the praises of that non-Muslim Emperor.
  2. The poet of Iran had written the history of the Persian Emperors - all of whom were fire-worshippers - whom (Firdousi) Mahmood Ghaznavi had later sent 30 thousand gold coins as a reward for writing that non-Muslim Persian history. Firdousi had clearly said that Arabs were illiterate and drinking milk and eating camels and also were cannibals. But none of the Muslim learned people had raised their voices against such things, and Firdousi is called the national poet of Persia.
  3. Kamal Ata Turk told the Turks that they were descendants of Changez Khan, Halakoo Khan, and nobody objected to this. Halakoo Khan and Changez Khan were the Mongols who had killed 60 lakhs Muslims and destroyed many cities and mosques and shrines of many Muslim countries and they had burnt Muslim saints and ulemas. One of them was "Khawaja Farid-ud-Din Attar". On account of their tyranny, lacs of Muslims had left their villages and had migrated to other countries.
  4. The great national hero of the Egypt, Jamal Abdul Nasir, openly addressed the Egyptian people as "Pharoarians'. Nobody blamed him. On the contrary the names of Pharoahs of Egypt are given to hotels, roads and important buildings. Nobody objects to this anywhere. But here, now a days, the enemies of Sindh are addressed as Quaids and Quaid~-Millats. Thus Sindhis are made to believe that enmity with Sindh and to betray its interests is proof of being good Pakistanis, and so the rulers of Pakistan hold this respectable.

The second fact is that the new ruling class has created a section of Sindh who are opportunists. They have no national interest but are all the time looking for and working for their own personal gain at the cost of Sindh's national interest. These opportunists bend their knee before every powerful person and are slaves of powerful tribes and present the powerful as heroes of religion, though these may be tyrants and selfish. Such of them are called "practical politicians", though they have no ethics or moral principles and for personal benefit tile interest of their nationality and country means nothing. For them there is no rule. They can betray a personal friend as well as their country. Some Punjabis with vested interests and a few of their supporters, among the upper class of the Indian Muslims now here, pay lip service to the interest of Sindh. For them mere political propaganda talk of "Pakistan's solidarity, stability and safety" is a sign of patriotism, but to talk of safety, interest and love of Sindh and its people, is made out to be a sign of being enemies of Pakistan. This created situation has brought to the forefront such self-seekers who raise such slogans, which go against the interests of Sindh and its people. Such opportunists are not fools. They are cunning and know how to use religion and prejudiced beliefs to fool the common Muslims, for their own benefit. And they were the political opportunists in India who used religious emotion, which is the weakest point of the Indian Muslim mind, and with mass murders, loot, arson and rapes and parading of poor innocent girls naked in the streets, ultimately they got India divided and the great culture of thousands of years were completely destroyed. And this, at a time when due to the efforts of the past fifty years of the Nationalist Movement the Indian people, welded together, was to become a composite whole as one country and as one people. The political opportunist supporters of the upper class Muslims, with their vested interests, in the age old type of the Zamindari, being afraid of the abolition of the Zamindari system after independence, by the majority vote in the Assembly of an Independent India, got frightened and the bogus slogan of "ISLAM IN DANGER" completely fooled the people to such an extent that thousands upon thousands were so mentally blinded as to leave their homes and properties built by their forefathers - and leave India. The same type of bogus slogans are still being used now to fool the common people like "Pakistan is in danger from India", and from time to time, just to fool the people and turn their interest from the burning economics issues, the Kashmir Issue is raised. Lately the new slogan is "THERE IS DANGER FROM AFGHANISTAN". But when those who talk of the freedom or show concern for the economic loot of Sindh, by outsiders, mostly Punjabis, are treated as enemies of Pakistan. Anybody who talks about the real problems of these countries, namely Sindh, Baluchistan and Pakhtoonistan, is dubbed as an enemy of Pakistan and punished with imprisonment and physical torture. To counter the efforts of nationalist Sindhi patriots, the opportunist section of tile Sindhis is put into political power to cover the economic loot of the Punjabi vested interests. So far these Sindhi opportunists do not know the price of treachery which they will have to pay later when their masters are no longer in power.

Sindh is quite a rich country. It has a lot of resources and income. Hundreds of big and small industries are fetching a lot of wealth and three new barrages and land along the seacoast, are giving much facility for foreign trade. In spite of these, the Sindhis remain poor as the cream of the wealth goes to the Punjabi trading interests, who are shielded by tile ruling clique on the one hand and on the other by the opportunist Sindhis who parrot like sing the praises of the Pakistani overlords. We cannot forget that Sindhis (old or new) have no effective voice in the Central Government. Patriotic Sindhis know that this whole dirty game of economic loot is played under the convenient slogan of "ISLAM" and "PAKISTAN", and Pakistan is presented to the illiterate public as tile "PORT OF ISLAM". This is the biggest brazen faced WHITE LIE. But we the knowing ones know that Sindh gives its 80 per cent to the Central Government in taxes alone, But for its own administration and development Sindh hardly percent. This is daylight robbery of Sindh's natural resources and a great cruelty to the common men and women of Sindh, as they cannot improve their social lives without economic resources to which they have a natural, legal and moral right.

Not only are the industries not in the hand of Sindhis, but even that labor is brought from outside. The land along the new barrages is being passed on to outsiders. Wholesale trade, whether foreign or local, is in the hands of non-Sindhis who, by alternatively increasing and decreasing the prices of commodities, benefit wholly from the economy of Sindh. So our village folks become poor day by day. When nationalist workers raise their voices for the rights of Sindhi people, these outsiders with vested interests consider it against their interests, which they cleverly dub as against the interests of the country and against the consolidation of Pakistan. These nationalist workers are maligned and punished. These outsiders have formed a group of greedy persons who are working according to the wishes of their masters.

On account of these harmful methods Sindhi nationalists have come to the following conclusions:

  1. Pakistan was not one country composed of only one Nation but is a conglomeration of socio-cultural different nationalities, having different problems. Therefore, it was a multi-national country. So it should be demarcated with the natural boundaries of four different linguistic nationalities with nine crore-population in an area of 3 lakhs and 50 thousand square miles. Every nation with a recognized territory has different problems How can the Baluchi nation with only thirty lacs influence the five crores of Punjabi nation. When this one lakhs and fifty thousand sq. miles area is under the influence of five crore of Punjabis, who have only one fourth (as their own) as compared to Baluchistan. This system of Government cannot work here until the question of separate nationhood is decided, unless all the four nationalities are given equal representation tinder a federation constitution in the Central Government and the revenues are allotted to each nationality according to its material productions in cash and kind The problem of the people of Sindh is quite different and distinct from the other three nationalities of this multi-national geographical area called Pakistan.

  2. We, the Sindhis, earn much more trade taxation, taxes on industrial production, mineral exploitation and their foreign sales, and from the flora and fauna of Sindhu Desh. At present 80 per cent of this huge income goes to the coffers of the Central Government and we are left at the mercy of one country, which has a population of five crores. Therefore the nationalists of Sindh consider the cause of the whole trouble to be the neo-imperialist ideology of Pakistan. Therefore, they have come to the conclusion that they should secede from the Punjab and federate as a Republic of Sindhu Desh with the Republics of Baluchistan and Pakhtoonistan.
  3. The outsiders, in order to establish their imperialist have imposed the political concept of Pakistan, having one nation of one religion and geography. Therefore Sindhis have come to the conclusion that Muslims being a separate nation, is wrong. The idea of Muslims being one nation was invented to deny the people of Sindh their natural rights and to exploit their natural resources of raw material as well as millions in cash.
  4. Nationalists have come to the conclusion that the Punjabis, deliberately for their own benefit have wrongly interpreted our Islamic socialist ideologies. They have also come to the conclusion that the Socialism or religious ideologies are against our national aspirations and this has been specially created to exploit the Sindhi, Baluchi and Pakhtoon people.
  5. It is said that democracy is the best political form for the formation of a government. But the question is democracy of whom? For Sindhis or Baluchis or Pakhtoons or for the Punjabis. The last named people are more in population than the three other nationalities. Now can Sindhis be persuaded to allow the exploitation of their own and of other nationalities, where 80 per cent of their annual earned wealth should be departed from them for outsiders in the name of religion, socialism and democracy.

V/hen some imperialist powers conquer some countries and start exploiting their resources, they create division among local people to rule on them. Likewise, in the new acquired power in their country, which is of a different size, area, difference of population and differences of income, then they try to rule other nations by force. The less populated backward areas, which are dominated in great numbers by them to exploit these simple people with certain ideological slogans.

The social milieu of Sindh is still a tribal society, dominated by the vested interests of Pirs, Mullahs, Zamindars, traders. The bureaucracy too has its vested interests. When with more strength and in greater numbers, the outsiders rule over the country, the local vested interests are dominated by forcc, and through these local big-wigs, the masses are ruled and exploited by outsiders. Thus a class of cowards is created, who like slaves, carry out orders of those outside local vested interests.


Imperialist nations after subjugating smaller, ignorant and weak nations start misleading them by such slogans, by which the conquered feel themselves helpless. Punjabi imperialists have followed the methods, such as:

  1. To discard the national language of Sindh, thrust a foreign language upon them so that the Sindhis may lose the thousand years old language, which was the foundation for their unity; to refuse to recognize the separate existence of the Sindhi nation, and thereby to forget their thousand years old separate existence. This has resulted in Sindhis losing their sense of self-respect, their past glory and have begun to feel helpless and at the mercy of outsiders.
  2. Sindhis have been the people with an international outlook and universal religious ideas based on love and oneness of mankind. But in order to change the great liberal influence of this tradition, and its great message, they have been misled by an entirely wrong interpretation of Islam and inferiority complex has been created among them.
It is said that the nomadic Arab laws are based on customs, violence, hatred and injustices. The examples set by the Arabs were from the last and complete religion. Now Sindhi people have begun to realize that all troubles and misfortunes, which have come to Sindh, are due to the existence of Pakistan. If this continues in the same state for a longer period, then two courses will be left for Sindhis.

To get rid of the slavery of Punjab i.e. Pakistan, Sindhu Desh will be established and the wrong interpretations of Islam will be discarded.

To follow the teachings arid in the footsteps of Punjabis, one should be prepared to annihilated as a nation and become like the Red Indians. I have narrated what is happening in Sindh at present. Now I will explain the dangers to Sindh, if it continues under Pakistan.

After declaring Pakistan as a single Muslim nation, every Muslim whether of Bharat, Punjab or from other provinces will have a right to come and colonize in Sindh.

Thus foreign Muslims in lakhs will come to Sindh, purchase land and acquire property, services, trade and industries arid nobody will be able to prevent them from doing so. Then in a short span of tune, the original Sindhis will become a minority. If at a later stage, opposition by original Sindhis begin, there is every possibility that the outsiders would drive out Sindhis or bring by force a perpetual slavery. What has been happening to the Baluchis, Marri and Mengal tribes, is before our eyes. After partition and the coming of Muhajirs (refugees) from India, with a definite plan the Hindus were driven out from Sindh. The same could happen to us.

At present the Sindh Provincial Assembly has Zamindars, Pirs and Advocates and sonic members from village constituencies. So the Sindh Ministry has some Sindhi Ministers, though their number has been reduced to 50 percent. After the large number of non-Sindhis come to Sindh and stay in rural areas, the ministers will consist only of non-Sindhis and the Government will be dominated by non-Sindhis with the result that the services will go to non-Sindhis who will occupy seats in the Provincial Assembly. Then few Sindhi ministers will be found in the Sindh Government. So the services, industries, trade and land will be in the possession of non-Sindhis and in their own country Sindhis will become helpless. This thing had happened in the days of Bhutto, whom Sindhis had raised, to the sky by raising the slogan: "Long Live Bhutto". These people, after some time, will realize how much injustice was done to Sindhis.

Nature has no mercy for the weak, and the law of survival of the fittest is also merciless.

At present Urdu has been made the national language of Pakistan including Sindh. Sindh's traitor, Pir Illahi Bux, made Urdu a compulsory language in Primary schools of Sindh, but this did not succeed. In the days of Bhutto, Sindh was made a bi-lingual province. Sindhis cried hoarse but nothing happened. Those who asked for the protection of the Sindhi language were punished and the supporters of Urdu magazines, newspapers, books, colleges, radios, television, cinemas continued to propagate for Urdu. The Sindhi Waderas arid officials began speaking Urdu in their houses. At present, non-Sindhis have become 50 per cent but that day is not far off when the non-Sindhi speaking will turn into a majority. Then to talk of freedom of Sindh will be useless arid at that time Sindhi-speaking persons will be discharged from services and it will be made compulsory to learn Urdu. Historical instances of such happening are before us. During the Arab imperialist days, Arabic was an official language of Sindh and in Mughal days Persian was an official language. Under those conditions, Sindhis will not be allowed to raise their voice against a foreign language.

For the industries in Sindh, non-Sindhi labor was brought from outside. It appears to be a fact that within a short time, the unemployment in Sindh will result, Sindhis being compelled to become thieves and dacoits, and murders will increase, then the Government will be dominated by non-Sindhis who will kill them or keep them like Hurs in concentration camps.

In the cities, Sindhis are now becoming an absolute minority, and as tenants they will not get sufficient protection. At present Sindhis mostly live in villages. Their livelihood depends on agriculture, cattle breeding or on fisheries. There is pressure from outsiders that Sindh's big land holdings should be reduced. The intention behind this move is to get the following:

In the Sindh Assembly now a days Zamindars and Pirs come in large numbers. After the abolition of Zamindari, they will be bankrupt and will [lot be able to get themselves elected. That would be better as they do not represent the economics or political interests of the poor Sindhis. But of the change in population, non-Sindhis would fill their seats; Sindh's voters are already accustomed to sell their votes for money. The masses are not politically conscious. These can purchase Pirs, Mullahs and other local bigwig outside capitalists who, with different political slogans arid religious ideologies, will get them to work for them. When Bhutto could be fooling the people in the name of Islamic Socialism and democracy, where is the guarantee, outsiders will not play the same cunning tactics. In those days a vast number of people had accepted the socialist type of propaganda done by Jatoies, Mirs, Pirs, Mukhdoom, all of which people believed. There is no guarantee that the same method will be adopted again by outsiders.

During General Ayub's days, the land holding per person was reduced to 500 acres, and during Bhutto's days it was reduced to 250 acres, so there is quite a possibility that by outside pressure, the land holdings may be further reduced to 25 to 50 acres. Sindh's original residents, who depend entirely upon agriculture and the majority of their Haris, are landless. It is not difficult to mislead them by giving them their own land. Thus Sindh's agricultural holdings will be divided into small pieces. The result will be that from agricultural holdings they will not have sufficient income for their livelihood.

Therefore they will have to turn towards other professions. Outsiders already dominate industries. On account of the change in the Government, non-Sindhi ministers and officials in the services will put a ban on Sindhis. Lesser income, from small holdings will compel the small farmers to neglect agriculture. Then the ruling class will find a justification to say that as small holdings in agriculture is not a paying concern, so the entire land should be nationalized and cultivated with machinery.

In this way a slow process can finish the Zamindari. From politics, Zamindars and Pirs will be ousted in this way. The nationalization of land will need cultivation by machinery. For this purpose, agricultural experts and mechanics will be required in the beginning. As no Sindhi expert and mechanics will be available, these jobs will go to non-Sindhis, and like industries, our entire land will also be owned by or dominated by non-Sindhis. That source of income will pass on to outsiders.

At present, the cattle breeding is mostly in the hands of villagers, Though in big towns cattle holding are passing to the hands of non-Sindhis. As the citizens mostly depend upon the beef, meat and mutton, there is a possibility of cattle shortage. Then non-Sindhi imperialists will bring this profession also under the control of Government managed cattle farms and private farms. After some time, on the pretext of thefts from Government cattle farms or inferior species or scarcity of butter and ghee, competition between Government and private farms, that profession may also be taken away from Sindhis.

For a long time, fishing has remained in the hands of Sindhi fishermen. But in the sea, on account of launches and trawlers, fishing is passing to non-Sindhis. There is a possibility that within a short time; the whole fishing industry will pass from the Sindhis to non-Sindhis. At present the fishing is in Sindh's river and lakes. It too is in the hands of Sindhi fishermen. Though they are taxed, yet no taxes are charged from sea-fisheries. Non-Sindhis mostly man the Fisheries Department. There is a possibility that they will put such restrictions on this profession that the 'Keenghar' Nun and Jam Tamachi stories will be forgotten.

Man being a progressive social animal still has many animal instincts. Animal kills each other for the sake of food. So they have no mercy for other animals. In like manner same men also have done the same thing. They have killed each other, taken away others' properties by force, and in some cases, have completely obliterated their enemies. History speaks out those instances. Like Arians drove away the Dravadian and killed some of there in thousands, usurped their properties. Though these things had happened in the long past, yet there is a possibility of their happening again. Hiroshima and Nagasaki destruction by the American is a recent case in point of such barbarities we need hardly go far to find examples. Why do you go further? Look nearer to home. The happenings during the division of India provide many horrible examples, where Hindus killed Muslims and Muslims killed Hindus and looted properties. What Arab Ummayads did to Bani-Hashims is not hidden from those who are well-versed in history. Recently what the Punjabi army did to Baluchis is also part of history. The German and Japanese imperialists, in order to colonize their surplus population in other countries, started the Second World War which are also part of history. But everybody knows what Punjabis did to Bangla Deshis. Recently General Tikka Khan said that what was done to Bengalis in Bangla Desh was difficult to do because they were at such a great distance of 1300 miles, in between lay the foreign land of India. But the situation is quite different in case of Sindh; "We want land. We have a lot of men to colonize". Peoples Party is a popular party. The same Tikka Kkan is the leader of that party. The Sindhi masses are ignorant that, due to their selfish leaders, they blindly follow Tikka Khan. Sindhi officials, Zamindars and Mullahs, knowing Punjabis' intentions, are mixing with them. If this continue in short period, they will lose their own culture and language, even now several Sindhis have started to speak Urdu in their colonies and several Sindhis have also given their daughters to Punjabis. Thus slowly Sindhis are losing their traditions, language, culture. So the time will not be far when Sindhis, to please their rulers, may agree to the Sindhi language being prohibited. It will then become common in society to talk the language of their masters and adopt their culture.

Like the Arabs, every non-Arab custom, dress, tradition and religious beliefs were all treated as un-Islamic and crushed with hatred and violence. Everything, which was not Arabic, was dubbed as anti-Islamic. In the same manner, it will not be difficult for Mullahs in mosques, and mujawars in shrines, to speak in their master's language, which may be preached that Shah Latif and Sachal Sarmast begot Muslims and they used to convert Hindus into Muslims, and thus brought Sindh enmity and hatred, instead of peace and goodwill.

In all schools and colleges and textbooks, Sindh's message of love has been discarded and considered Hindu and non-Muslim teachings, Sindhi literature, civilization, language and belief may be considered as un-Islamic. It is quite possible that every Sindhi tradition may later be called ignorance, Kufr (infidelity) and thus change be made in the Sindhi teachings.

All of Sindh's shrines and trust properties have been brought under the control of Central or Provincial Governments, with the result that hardly 25 per cent of income from such trusts is spent in Sindh. Incomes from these sources are mostly spent for "Imperial" purposes, and with a planned purpose these are being utilized for non-national purposes.

As during the days of the Bhutto regime, national workers and students of colleges and universities were restricted and sent to jails. The same is a possibility in the future. The name of Sindhi nation may be considered almost a sin and people may be punished in the same manner.

In order to colonize Sindh completely, Sindhis may first be driven out from cities and for doing that the following methods may be adopted:

a) In big cities and towns, plots may not be given to Sindhis.
b) From non-Sindhi quarters, Sindhis may be harassed and driven out.
c) Sindhis may be debarred from the services and other means of employment, and thus be forced to leave the cities.

These tactics may be adopted in big cities and towns.

Sindhu Desh principles will remove poverty from the masses and raise the standard of living on the basis of Socialism. By following these principles Sindh's population will get the following benefits:

  1. Sindh will be freed from the Punjabi vested interests of Pakistan and have their own government, become a member of United Nations.
  2. Sindh's government production taxes and other resources will be freed from outside dominance and will be used for the benefit of permanent residents, old and new.
  3. All of Sindh's income from industries, trade, agricultural land, mines, foreign exchange and all taxes will be utilized for Sindh and its residents.
  4. Prohibition will be put on the immigration of outsiders.

Sindhi language and culture will be adopted. Thus the Sindhi nation will be formed with old and new residents. Anybody not agreeing to the above-mentioned principles will have to leave our country.
  1. Sindh's industries, agricultural land, trade and its residents will utilize mines and nobody will be allowed to take money outside from here.
  2. Every Sindh's resident will be guaranteed a livelihood and his/her standard of living will be raised, and every person will get the facility of house for living, treatment in illness and free education.
  3. Sindh's national language will be Sindhi and its proper advancement will be one of the duties of Sindh Government.
  4. All of Sindh's mineral health will be developed and utilized for the economic and social benefit of the common people of Sindh.
  5. The Sindh Government will be freed from power blocks and their war-pacts and its policy will be on a non-aligned basis.
  6. Politics will be freed from religious interference. Government will be run on secular basis. The present exploitation in tile name of religion will be banned legally.
  7. The formation of Muslim countries, block is not free from fraud and corruption, therefore is to be discarded.
  8. Sindh's rural life is to be re-constructed. Thus bringing to the villagers a civilized citizenship.
  9. Sindh will have a separate flag, Sindhis a common race and language, so that it brings unity among tile people, all the residents will b~ free from religious prejudice and caste, and the residents will be trained in such a manner that they should have common culture and common purpose.
  10. Free Sindhu Desh, according to traditions of Saints and Sufis, all religions will be treated with unity in diversity and principles of coexistence, and all the prejudices of castes and creeds will be discarded.
  11. In free Sindhu Desh, people will have a common political consciousness with a view of prepared environment for healthy democracy.
  12. In free Sindhu Desh, preaching for all religions, materialism, ideologies will be allowed.
  13. For love and spiritual training, man will be prepared on the basis of love, peace and unity for which the new government will make arrangements.
  14. For tile understanding here of West and East civilization and the education policy of cooperation and under-standing will be propagated.
  15. An arrangement will be made here for studying and understanding of all religions, philosophy and science. Efforts will be made to bring about a common basis, useful for the progress of humanity.
  16. The government of the country will be entrusted to honest, sincere, noble, and God-fearing custodians. Sindhis have reached the crossroads. If they succeed, their mission of 5000 years of tradition will be fulfilled. This is my cherished dream and life-long ambition. Only this way, I see the remedy of all the ills that Sindh has plunged into ever since the creation of Pakistan. But that day is not far off when Sindh will emerge as a free and sovereign nation. Whether I live or cease to exist, whether I relish the fruit of the freedom of my country, it matters not to me, the emancipation of my country and my people, matters the most. It has been my ideal for more than four decades. Only this way, my heart can feel satisfied or my soul can find eternal peace.


[1] On retirement from the British Indian Army, these Punjabi stable boys, sepoys, subedars and subedar majors were given "Ghorhi Pal Muraba" (for rearing cavalry mares, for getting fowlscolts and fillies). The British commanders gave large agricultural lands to them. So many of the descendants of those stable boys, sepoys and subedars have become colonels and generals in the Pakistan Army.

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