Religion & Reality
Table of Contents
Chapter 1
Religions: Their Historical Backgrounds
Chapter 2
The Constituents of Religions
Chapter 3
Unity and Diversity of Religions
Chapter 4
Two Interpretations of Islam
Chapter 5
Mysticism as I understand it
About the book

This book is a revised Version of Saeen G.M. Syed’s original effort, published in 1986. This edition is a humble effort to represent Syed’s views on life, religion and Sufism. However, no work of this type can be error-free. Should the readers find anything that is out of context or ambiguous, we should be only too pleased to I acknowledge our shortcomings and rectify them in later editions. Himself a Sufi, he had great love and to, admiration for Sufis and men of letters. He was known for his refined manners and great hospitality.

This book is a modest tribute to a great son of Sindh who served his motherland for 76 long years. He began his public career in 1919 and it continued till his death in 1995. Hindus, Buddhist, Jains, Christians, Koreans and Muslims participated in his last rites to pay homage to the departed soul. He will be remembered for his erudition, great urbanity, generosity and above all his untiring devotion to the cause that was dearest to his heart - Sindh - He loved Sindh, He lived for Sindh and died for Sindh. Mr. Syed used to say that the basic message of Sindh was non-violence, co-existence and co-operation. History will remember him as eminent ambassador of peace, goodwill and tolerance. Our thanks are due to Zafar Iqbal Mirza, Prof. Syed Ghulam Abbas, Syed Afzal Haider, Dr. Zia-ul-Haq Shah and Mr. Rashid Haider Rizvi and many others without whose unfailing co-operation this book would not have been possible.

Khadim Hussain Soomro

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